Fantastic Breasts and Where to Find Them

Everyone stop what you’re doing and watch this video.

Wow this escalated quickly and I love it

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For all the protesters out there:


If you aren’t aware, cops love to destroy the phones of people who record them. 

So next time you’re in a situation where you are recording an officer and fear for the safety of your video evidence, try using the Bambuser app.

It uploads your video online to your Bambuser account while you record it. You can also stream the video live. This way your videos are saved online, safe from the hands of the uniformed pigs. 

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i made a comic about bronies

checkmate feminists.jpg

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if there were only girls everywhere everything would be so easy and pleasant. I could walk my dog at 3am and probably get a juice cos juice bars would be open cos all girls would take their dogs on night walks it would be like a normal thing

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Sesame Ramen with Roasted Tempeh and Seaweed

damn son

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Giveaway time!!!
Hey guys Im doing this giveaway for my etsy shop!
Any one of the tops above are up to be won in this give away of your size of choice (small to 5XL!!).


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I would love if you checked out my etsy store which is where i sell these tops in the first place!


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Adulruna of Thagirion

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Todesästhetik Art - Satan’s Pleasure

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This Gay Couple And Their Child Are Adorable, Perfect, And Totally Unaware We’ve Been Following Them All Day

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Various works of Frank Frazetta

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